The Wedding of Richard and Melissa at The Alderley Edge Hotel and Dean Row Chapel

Wedding Photography at The Alderley Edge Hotel

After a busy weekend last weekend (with 4 weddings) I had yet another Friday wedding yesterday.

The wedding of Richard and Melissa Robinson took place at the quaint Cheshire venue – Dean Row Chapel and ended up at the elegant Alderley Edge Hotel. I photographed the grooms sister at her wedding 2 years ago, so this was yet another referral. (85% of our business comes from recommendations and referrals)

Melissa and Richard are lovely, crazy people who wanted a wedding that was significant and special, but not stuffy and boring. So the day was a fun, relaxed affair (as were the photographs!).

I photographed the ‘Pre wedding shots’ with the bride at her home, and the groom at The Unicorn pub near the church. The ceremony followed at Dean Row Chapel where the minister was superb! Friendly, welcoming (how unusual that is in a church nowadays) and funny. He really made the visit to Dean Row Chapel special and memorable.

After the ceremony the wedding guests made their way to the Alderley Edge Hotel, while the bride and groom stopped off at a local pub for a bottle of champagne. A great idea that gave the guests time to get the hotel themselves and get checked into their rooms before the wedding party arrived. It alsoo gave me a great photo opportunity a bride in her wedding dress.. in a pub!!

The rest of the day was spent at The Alderley Edge hotel, which despite the heavy rain was looking as good as ever. This was the kind of wedding that separates the ‘men from the boys’ in terms of photography. I had a tight schedule, a large group of people and heavy rain, making it difficult technically to photograph. But with such great bride, groom and guests, good venues and a professional photographer I think the pictures turned out just fine!

A few pictures from the wedding at Dean Row and The Alderley Edge Hotel can be seen below. As usual, to see all the pictures contact the bride and groom who have the website address where they can be viewed.


Wedding Photography at the Alderley Edge Hotel

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