The Wedding of Claire and Ian at Crewe Hall, Cheshire

Sunday saw us back at Crewe Hall, Cheshire for the first time since December (an unusually long gap as we are there many times each year) for the wedding of Claire and Ian.

A glorious summers day and a perfect wedding venue made for a memorable occasion (oh yes, England also got knocked out of the World Cup during the afternoon celebrations!)

The day started with us photographing Claire as she prepared for her big day in one of the spectacular suites in the hotel. This was followed by a few ‘cheesy’ shots of the boys and then it was on to the ceremony. The ceremony room has large windows with a lead diamond pattern – and the sun was shining right into the room making it both warm and very difficult to photograph. So at the suggestion of the bride we closed the curtains…..but this made it incredibly dark. Our cameras are superb in low light conditions, but things we so bad for us that we had break one of our ‘golden rules’ and actually used flash photography for a few of the important shots to ensure they came out well. We don’t like to do this if at all possible for fear of it being intrusive during the ceremony. (I think we got away with it though!)

It was then outside for drinks and lovely canapes (as wedding photographers we always have to sample a couple just to make sure they are OK) before 20 minutes of ‘formal’ pictures. Thanks to Claire and Ian and the staff at Crewe Hall for looking after us so well.

A few pictures from the day can be seen below.





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