The Wedding of Chris and Kristina at Yang Sing, Manchester

Wedding Location : St Mary’s Church, Partington, Manchester

Reception Location : The Yang Sing Chinese Restaurant, Manchester

Those of you who read this blog regularly will know that we love photographing weddings that are ‘different’. The wedding we photographed on Saturday in Manchester certainly came into this category.

The bride (Kristina) and groom (Christopher) didn’t have the easiest start to their wedding when they found out the day before that their reception venue – a Chinese restaurant in central Manchester – had been closed down following a food-hygiene inspection. This meant they had to arrange an alternative venue, inform the guests (150 of them!) and move all the table settings etc to the new venue within 24 hours. Fortunately The Yang Sing Restaurant in Manchester came to the rescue and provided a lovely function room, staff and great food to ‘save the day’. I can’t speak highly enough of the professionalism of the staff at The Yang Sing.  A stunning nine-course banquet was served to 150 people with speed and efficiency when 24 hours earlier they didn’t know the event was even taking place.

The building was packed, with all 4 floors of the restaurant busy – 3 with functions and one open to the public – I certainly wouldn’t have liked to be working in the kitchens that day!

Of the 150 guests about 50% were Chinese and most spoke only a little English – so communication was not always easy. Added to this, a fair proportion of the remaining guests were from France which meant that the wedding was a truly cosmopolitan affair.

Our style of wedding photography is relaxed and informal, but at most weddings we are asked to take a few ‘formal’ pictures, and we are happy to oblige. On this occasion however, Kris and Chris didn’t want any formal pictures at all and just two wedding party shots were taken. (Not even a posed bride/groom pictures was wanted, so we simply stayed in the background and shot scenes as we saw them). We were also requested by the vicar of St Mary’s Church, Partington not to take any pictures inside the church – apart from the signing of the register and exit of the bride (but we did manage to sneak a couple of pics as Kris entered the church and a few of them both at the altar… naughty us!)

It was a great wedding, which has made me wonder why a stylish Chinese restaurant isn’t used more often for wedding receptions? –  and the people were lovely, friendly and kind. The kids were especially fun to work with, and all were just so well behaved (a credit to their parents).

Thanks Kris and Chris for a great day – and for allowing us to sit at a table and share the spectacular banquet with you all! We hope you enjoy the pictures – a handful of which are below.

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“Hi Mike hope all is well with you, thank you for covering our wedding, we love the photos and have some great memories to keep now.

Cheers Kristina Pollitt – Lam”

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