Wedding at Chatburn Church in Lancashire

Last weekend we were photographing a wedding in Lancashire at Chatburn Church followed by a reception in a marquee at Chatburn Playing Fields.

This wonderful wedding highlighted an issue that wedding photographers have not had to consider in past years, Previously (in the days of film) wedding photographers simply took pictures and presented them to the bride and groom. Now, with modern digital technology it is possible to add ‘effects’ to the images after they have been taken to show them in a different style. So – what style of pictures do we present to the bride and groom?

We spend a lot of time prior to the wedding discussing with the wedding couple what style of pictures they like – as no two people like exactly the same thing. On this occasion we were asked to present the pictures in a vintage, instagram style, which is what we did.

The wonders of modern technology mean we can create a unique style of wedding photographs for each wedding couple – tailoring our processing of the pictures to the requirements of each person.

So…. Below are a few examples of the wedding photographs we took – in a vintage, instagram style. (Or course we always keep the original pictures and can revert back to the images ‘as they came off the camera’ should the client not like them!

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