The process of improving wedding pictures

Over the past month we have shown you various effects we can add to wedding photographs. In this posting we would like to show you the various stages of manipulation that take place to a picture from when it comes out of the camera to when it is shown to the bride and groom. Often you will see a great picture and assume that was how it was taken – this is usually far from the case! In the example below we have selected an ‘average’ picture and turned it into something that would look good in any wedding couples album.

The picture as it came out of the camera

We then increased the brightness ……

… cropped the picture and added a vignette (border shadow).

We turned the picture into black and white ………….

….. and re-applied the vignette.

We then removed the distracting background ………

………. applied an inner black border ………

.. and an outer silver border.

And finally removed skin blemishes and slightly altered the shape of the girls heads !  There you have it – the finished image.

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