Price List



Our Great Value All-Inclusive 'Gold' Wedding Photography Package


Fully comprehensive, including everything you could want from a wedding photographer. Pictures are taken in an unobtrusive way – leaving you with plenty of time to spend with your family and friends.

ALL DAY coverage from pre-wedding preparations to after the first dance.

The presentation to you of over 400 pictures from your special day.

Pre-wedding consultation at the wedding venue one month prior to the event.

All post-production work carried out on images including air-brushing, artistic manipulation and cropping etc.

The creation of a custom designed website displaying all 400+ pictures, usually within 48 of the ceremony finishing. (The site remains live for 12 months)

ALL 400+ pictures presented to you on a DVD in full size together with the copyright to reproduce, print or distribute any or all of the images.

The design and production of a stunning 'Prestige' digital album showing up to 60-80 pictures of your choice on 30+ pages with a Leather, Acrylic or Brushed Metal cover. You play an important role in the design of every page and give approval before the album goes to print. You can even sit with us while the album is designed to offer your input. (You can see pictures of the various cover materials and the sizes of the books on our blog by clicking HERE)

TOTAL COST £1,450 (including VAT and all expenses)


Our 'Silver' Wedding Photography Package


Everthing that is included in our 'Gold' photography package  but with only 6 hours coverage of your day.

This package comes with a stunning 'Romance' wedding album (10" x 10" with 20 pages containing up to 30 pictures.)

Click HERE to see some pictures of our 'Romance' wedding albums.

TOTAL COST  £1,195  (including VAT and all expenses)


Our 'Bronze' Wedding Photography Package


Everything that is included in our 'Silver' photography package but his package does not provide a wedding album/book. You do get all the images on a DVD and have the full copyright to you pictures so you are free to create your own (or just 'keep it digital'!)

TOTAL COST  £895  (including VAT and all expenses)

If you would like to arrange an appointment to meet with us and see more examples of our work click the 'contact' button at the top of this page.

" We are not the cheapest – but remember the bitterness of poor quality photographs remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten!"





Why choose Northwest Photography ????

1) We tell the story of your day in pictures, without intruding or 'posing' people too much. So many weddings are ruined by a bossy and stroppy photographer! We allocate about 20 minutes during the day to photograph any family groups etc – the rest of the time you are free to enjoy you special day with your family and friends. Wedding photographs are much more flattering when they are not posed – most people become very self-conscious when they know they are being photographed.

2) We don't keep you waiting to see your pictures. You get to see your pictures within 72 hours (usually the next day!)

3) No matter how much work is involved we include ALL air-brushing and post production work on your pictures.

4) We are friendly and courteous during your wedding and get on well with your wedding guests (eg we have no problem with your guests taking their own pictures, unlike many photographers!)

5) We go that 'extra mile' to make your day special. This starts with us coming to visit you to show you examples of our work before you book, all the way to looking after you on your special day (we provide umbrellas, spare shoes, sewing kits, sweets for the kids ect etc)

6) We give you the FULL copyright to your pictures entitling you to do whatever you wish with your wedding pictures without having to pay/ask permission from us first.

7) We do not 'hard sell'. We never ask for a booking when we meet – Choosing your photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make, so we give you time to think about the decision and see other photographers whilst keeping the date free for you for 14 days

8 ) Our albums/story-books are the finest money can buy. You have to see one to appreciate just how stunning your pictures will look when they are presented to you. No two albums are the same. Not only do you choose the cover material and page style, you can also sit with us whilst the design takes place allowing you to offer your input on the design of every page.

In summary. We have 14 years experience photographing weddings and currently photograph over 100 weddings per year. It is our full-time job. We are not 'weekend warriors' who top up their income doing a little wedding photography at the weekends. (You'd be amazed how many photographers operate like this – To check if your photographer is a 'weekend warrior' ask if you can meet with him on a Wednesday afternoon  – if he says it is not possible, walk away!). Photographing so many wedding each year gives us the confidence and experience that enables us to cope with any situation that may arise.