The Pre-Wedding Photographs

We start photographing most weddings several hours before the ceremony itself.


This time of the day is one of our favourites – and I would highly encourage any wedding couple to have this part of the day photographed. Why?………

After you arrive at the venue the bride and groom share the whole day together. The pre-wedding preparations are the one part that is not spent in each other company, so it is great to be able to see what the other person was doing during those exciting hours leading up to the event!

We are fortunate in having a team that includes some great female photographers. This is very useful when it comes to photographing a bride getting into her dress – a moment where it is often not appropriate for a male photographer to be in the room.

The ideal is to have two photographers covering the day – one can be with ‘the boys’ while they get ready and the other with the bride , photographing the last minutes of preparations.


The photographer who is with the guys will make sure that they get to the venue on time – and will give a lift in their car for up to 4 people if required. We ensure the male wedding party is at the venue at least 45 minutes before the wedding so they can greet guests as they arrive.

If you have two photographers, one can stay with the bride and photograph her getting into her dress, being seen by her dad for the first time, leaving the house/hotel, getting into the car (if needed).


At this time of the day we also photograph the flowers, the wedding dress hanging up and the brides accessories.

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