Photographing Weddings in Bad Weather

Getting married in Cheshire isn’t too bad – it has a very agreeable climate, but Manchester, Lancashire, The Lake District and North Wales are areas world famous for……..rain!

No matter how much planing goes into a wedding no one can predict the great British weather. But don’t despair – whilst you may feel rain will ruin your wedding rain, the reality is you will hardly notice. As wedding photographers we can do a lot to help. We bring 24 umbrellas with us (12 white and 12 black) that look really good in your photographs and also white cork wedges in every size so you won’t ruin your special shoes by walking on wet grass in them.

We don’t do what most wedding photographers do and hide you inside if it is raining. We make sure that even it is just for a few minutes, we take you outside and make the most of the weather. Some great moody, artistic pictures can be shot in the rain.

So don’t worry about the weather! Below are some pictures we have shot in appalling weather.

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