• http://www.alanmorton.co.nz/
    Shadow and Light -- a site devoted to black and white digital imaging.
  • http://www.photogs.com/bwworld/bwresources.html
    Black and White world -- photographers toolkit
  • http://dpfwiw.com/b&w.htm
    A good clear introduction to Black and White photography with a digital camera, has many useful links included. Numerous other digital photography articles in the site.
  • See also our feature:- Black and White from colour -- a collection of variations on a basic colour photograph created by Keith to show some Digital B/W effects -- Fifteen different views Also Keiths first impressions on switching from 35mm film to digital (Canon 1Ds) for his landscape work, with comparisons of scanned film and digital.
  • http://www.acecam.com/magazine/gray-card.html
    A quick guide to using that 18% grey card you've wondered about getting. There is also some info on
    using one for digital work at http://www.luminous-landscape.com/tutorials/dig-exp.shtml
  • http://www.cicada.com/pub/photo/zs/
    Introduction to the techniques of the Zone System (aka the Dark side of the Force :-))

  • http://www.cocam.co.uk/CoCamWS/Infrared/INFRARED.HTM
    FAQ and much more info on the strange world revealed with infrared film
  • http://www.echeng.com/photo/infrared/
    Infra red photography with a digital camera
  • http://www.capturedreflections.net/IR%20photography.htm
    Simulating IR via photoshop
  • http://freespace.virgin.net/nick.thomas3/web_pages/technical%207.htm
    Some techniques (and free Photoshop Actions) for producing IR effects
  • http://dpfwiw.com/ir.htm
    Infra-red photography with a digital camera
  • http://home.att.net/~arwomack01/
    Good collection of info and links for getting more out of digital printing.
    Mainly for Epson Printers, but loads of general stuff as well.
  • http://www.mwords.co.uk/pages/printers/index.html
    Lots of detailed info on printers, very good on printing problems and their solutions.
  • Cleaning your inkjet printer
    Some of Keith's thoughts on inkjet cleaning and what to use.
  • http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DigitalBlackandWhiteThePrint
    Busy mailing list with lot of knowledgeable folks contributing. Info/file section for members(free).
  • http://www.dpandi.com/
    Digital Printing and Imaging Resource a wealth of information for photographers and the digital printmaker. A chapter of Harald Johnson's book (see books below) "Making a great Inkjet Print" is available online at http://www.dpandi.com/resources/bookstore/mdp/samplemdp.html
  • http://www.wilhelm-research.com/
    The No1 site for information on print longevity. There is an interesting interview with Henry Wilhelm at http://www.dimagemaker.com/article.php?articleID=39
  • http://www.cppfaq.com/whitepaper/07/WP070602.htm
    A good introductory guide to print longevity.
  • http://www.cjcom.net/digiprnarts.htm
    A discussion and information about inkjet printing with black ink only (BO)
  • http://www.harrington.com/QuadToneRIP.html
    Contains files for enabling Quadtone printing via Gimp-Print and direct control of ink channels. Several ink sets are supported and the author is working on adding new ones. Even works on windows now... There is an installer for Mac OS X at: http://homepage.mac.com/royharrington/FileSharing2.html
    For more OS X printing info see our Apple links/info page here
  • http://carbonphoto.cicada.com/pdf/opticalcentre.pdf
    When mounting prints they should be positioned at the Optical centre of the frame. This is a point slightly above the true centre of the page which will not appear 'low' as the geometric centre does. The PDF file above gives a simple way of finding this.
  • http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/epson4000.html
    Picture and info on the A2 Epson 4000 8 color printer
  • http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/digitalblack.html
    An article by Keith Cooper on generating your own 'profiles' with Photoshop for improving black and white inkjet printing in a non color managed setup.
  • http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/article_pages/eye_one_printer_profiling.html
    A review of more advanced printer profiling using the Eye One.
  • http://www.ssclg.com/epsone.shtml
    A seriously powerful (aka dangerous) low level service utility (Win only) for Epson printers. Allows all kinds of ink resetting tricks - READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!
  • http://www.outbackphoto.com/printinginsights/pi013/Epson9600.html
    Ongoing diary of a Epson 9600 owner, packed with useful tips and links for the large format printer user. Much of it relevant to 7600 and 4000 users too.
  • Textured Art Silk paper
    A look at a new 'silk' semi glossy paper from Permajet, that performs well with pigment inks and shows much less 'gloss differential'
  • ImagePrint media settings
    A collection of info about Epson papers to help decide on media settings for the ImagePrint RIP when using non OEM papers.
  • Black and white printing with MonoChromePro inks and QuadToneRIP
    Keith reviews a specialist B/W pigment based ink set from Permajet. The results are compared using different printer drivers, including the free QuadToneRIP (QTR) package. There is also some setup and curve generation information for QTR. The results are also compared to the ImagePrint RIP that Keith uses on his Epson 9600 for his fine art landscape prints.
  • http://www.computer-darkroom.com/ps7_page/page_layout.htm
    Article covering the problems of centering prints using Epson printer drivers under Mac OS X
  • http://www.specialistinks.com/qustions.php
    General printer/printing help and specific Lyson ink information/downloads inc. monochrome.

  • http://rpdfaq.50megs.com/
    The FAQ of the rec.photo.digital Usenet group.
  • http://www.digital-photography.org /digital_photography_cameras/digital_photography_links.html
    A collection of links connected to many aspects of digital imaging.
  • http://www.photo.net/learn/optics/digitaloptics/
    A very good discussion of some real data in the digital vs film debate
  • http://www.botzilla.com/photo/strobeVolts.html
    Be very careful connecting up your old flash to a digital camera -- info on many brands
  • http://www.tasi.ac.uk/advice/creating/camera.html
    Very well written discussion of the current state of digital camera technology. Written to help answer that question: "what digital camera should I buy?"
  • http://www.pixelgenius.com/tipsandtechniques.html
    Useful collection of articles on imaging related matters
  • http://www.tasi.ac.uk/advice/delivering/metadata.html
    All about metadata
  • http://www.fnordware.com
    Free JPEG 2000 (j2k), PNG and meta data export PS plugins
  • http://www.tasi.ac.uk/advice/creating/newfile.html
    Very useful info and comparisons of some newer image file formats - covering open ones such as PNG and JPEG2000 and some proprietary ones: MrSID, DjVu, Genuine Fractals and PixelLive (formerly VFZoom). A more general discussion of image file formats is at http://www.tasi.ac.uk/advice/creating/fformat.html
  • http://www.dimagemaker.com/index.php
    Articles and info on various aspects of Digital Imaging and Photography