Footballers House – Architectural Photography

It has been a very diverse month here at Northwest Photography. Whilst it has been a quiet time for wedding photography (we have only photographed 2 weddings this year so far) we have been keeping busy with our other photography work – especially architectural photography around Cheshire and Manchester.

In the past month we have photographed several 'forensic/scene of accident' jobs for personal injury lawyers, have been working regularly for an international sports car manufacturer, have been photographing on behalf of UKIP and have done several commercial photography jobs (as well as our regular studio work and training courses!)

One of the most interesting jobs has been to photograph a footballers house (but I'm afraid I'm not allowed to reveal his name or the house location). He had the house built last year but never moved into it, and so it is now up for sale. We took these pictures on behalf of the estate agent – who used our images to produce a glossy brochure.

It is back to normal from next month – enough of architectural photography, we have 13 weddings booked before the end of May, and one of those is in Kalkan, Turkey!

As few pictures of the footballers house are below – they show our diverse skills as photographers, everything from weddings to architecture.

Architectural Photography Architectural Photography Architectural Photography Architectural Photography

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