Artistic Manipulation

And finally we come to the awkward subject of artistic 'manipulation' of images.

Not only does a modern photographer have to able to use a complex camera and have the personality to get on well with large groups of strangers – we also have to be skilled at using a computer.

Here at Northwest Photography we have a great group of graphics experts who are skilled at using Adobe Photoshop for the manipulation and air-brushing of photographs.

Some people do not want any re-touching of images at all – and we respect that. But may people feel that they have done their very best to look as good as possible for the wedding – and a little digital 'help' is just one step further than applying make-up.

We are very sensitive about going too far – our 'golden rule' is that if you can immediately see that a photograph has been manipulated then we have probably done too much. But a lot of people do appreciate a little work being carried out, and so where it is appropriate we are happy to oblige.

We can do body sculpting and wrinkle removal. Example of both are below.

Wedding Photography - Artistic Manipulation

Wedding Photography - Artistic Manipulation

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