Artistic Manipulation of Wedding Photographs

Over the coming months we are going to show you what we do with your wedding photographs to improve them. We might take a great picture, but there is something awkward in the background – take a picture that is good but we feel could be more flattering etc. When you choose your pictures for your digital art book (coffee table book/story book), we go through every picture to make sure it looks really good (and more importantly, that you look really good in it!). Below are some examples of the type of modification we can make to pictures.

A little 'tweaking' of the arms
A little 'tweaking' of the arms. Before and After

In the above picture we felt that although we liked the image, the brides arm was a little unflattering, so we ‘worked our magic’ and thinned it a little – along with her waist!

Removal of guests
Removal of guests - Before and After

The above example was a request from the bride. She really wanted a picture with just herself, her husband and the guy on the left . We simply removed all the other guests completely from the image!

Changing the background
Changing the background - Before and After

Don’t like the background in your picture? No problem, we can place you on a Caribbean Beach or on top of a mountain at sunset if you wish. More examples of image manipulation will be posted soon. Remember – our image manipulation service is provided free of charge for all images placed in Digital Art Books/Albums !

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