Affordable Wedding Photographer in Cheshire

An Affordable Wedding Photographer? – be careful choosing!

Affordable Wedding Photographer

Choosing an affordable wedding photographer is obviously a necessity for some wedding couples. For a lot of people money is tight and so spending thousands of pounds on wedding photography is not an option. You can however get a great wedding photographer ‘on a budget’ if you choose carefully.

Affordable wedding photographer in Cheshire

But.. when choosing an affordable wedding photographer check a few important things.

  1. Make sure they are insured
  2. Don’t book with a ‘one man’ business. (what if he/she is ill on the day?)
  3. Be careful about booking a ‘weekend warrior’. These are photographers who have another job during the week and do the occasional weddings at the weekend for extra money. Some are really quite good – but others ????
  4. Don’t believe a website. So many wedding couples book their wedding photographer based on a website and sample albums. These images are obviously chosen by the photographer has his/her very best work. Your pictures will rarely be that good. Instead, if possible, choose your wedding via a personal recommendation.
  5. The pictures may be great, but if you hate the photographer and he gets in the way and ruins your wedding day wouldn’t it have been better to pick someone you actually got along with?
  6. Don’t be impressed with letters after their name. For many years I had SWPP, BPPA, MRPS after my name, but it means nothing. No one ever assessed my ability or saw any examples of my work – what they did do is take £100 per year for the right to show the letters! You could get those letters after your name, even if you can’t hold a camera.

Choosing an affordable wedding photographer

So. In summary….. there really is no need to spend a huge sum of money to get great wedding photographs. I would say £1,500 for an ‘all inclusive’ package with a great wedding book/album is the most you should pay and no more than £900 for a package with no album and 4-6 hours photography. If you get what you want for £700 then great, but I would be wary going any cheaper than this. Basic wedding photography equipment (cameras, lenses, computers etc) cost many thousands of pounds, so be careful of that ‘affordable’ wedding photographer who only charges £500. It’s a risk you might be prepared to take, just be careful.

Affordable Wedding Photography