About Us

Our Mission Statement

“To provide creative, artistic photography with professionalism and passion – a friendly attitude and a competitive price.

Northwest Photography was formed in 1997 to offer a modern, artistic and creative photography service for wedding couples. The company has grown into one of the most respected photography companies in the UK and we are proud of our level of excellence and creativity. Our dedicated team of photographers and album designers are passionate about wedding photography – when they sneeze, confetti comes out of their nose!

What make us so good a our job?………………………….

After each wedding we get feedback from the client and use this to continually improve our service. The most common testimonial we get is that we don’t intrude and get in the way. We are professional and great value for money.  (EG you get the copyright to all images we take, so you are free to use them at any time in the future without further payment)

We understand no two jobs are the same, and so we meet with the client twice before each wedding to discuss exactly what is required .

We go to great lengths to ensure our service is personal, friendly and professional. We offer a level of service other photographers just can’t provide.

Some of our unique selling points ……………………………..

We don’t boss you around, ask to to stand for hours posing for pictures or be rude to your guests. We understand that you would rather be spending time with your family and friends than with the photographer…… so….. our pictures tell the story of your day without being intrusive. We allocated 20 minutes for ‘formal’ pictures… the rest of the time you are free to enjoy with your guests. We stand at a distance and capture the ‘moments’ as they happen rather than trying to control everything and getting in the way.

All  pictures taken are presented to you on a DVD at full resolution with no copyright watermarks. You get the full rights to reprint any of them so you don’t have to buy prints and enlargements from us.

You get to see your pictures within 72 hours of the shoot (usually less than 12 hours!) – we post them to the Internet on a custom designed web-site, as well as giving them to you on a DVD.

All artistic manipulation of the images (air-brushing etc) is performed free of charge

We create stunning bespoke digital art books (sometimes called coffee-table books or story books). You get to sit with us while your book is design so you can offer your input and ensure you get exactly the style of book you want.

Our prices are plain and simple with no hidden extras and are openly published here on the site without you having to enquire first.

Contact us for a no obligation meeting on 07935 783460 or email us at admin@northwestphotography.co.uk