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Bridal Boudoir Photography

Bridal Boudoir Photography  bridal boudoir from Cheshire Wedding and commercial Photographers

Just as 'trash the dress' photo shoots became popular in the USA before becoming popular in the UK – Bridal Boudoir photo shoots originated in the New York area before crossing the Atlantic to become popular here.

At Northwest Photography we are lucky – not only do we have a female photographer (the incredibly talented Danielle Boxall), we also have a studio that can be used for the bridal boudior photo shoots.

Why not book yourself a session with Danielle before (or after) your wedding and give a boudoir picture to your new husband as a gift?

A 2 hour photo shoot costs £350 – which includes 20 pictures and a large canvas of your favourite image. (Boudoir photo shoots 'on location' cost a little more as a venue/hotel has to be booked)

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